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Our experienced, licensed and knowledgeable staff are committed to offering the best possible service and promptly handle any questions or concerns you may have.

On the initial visit, the estimator will measure the lawn and inspect it for current conditions, problems and repairs needed for services to be effective. We make notes of undesirable grasses, thatch, diehard weeds , insects and disease .


Our annual maintenance program consists of five applications at six to eight weeks apart of dry slow released fertilizer accompanied with weed control. The Spring treatments will include a crabgrass preemergent.  


Aerations are one of the most beneficial services you can do for your lawn as it will improve the soil and in turn improve the grass crop. An aeration will break up compacted soil, improve thatch level conditions, allow better root growth, and as the name refers, will generally air-out the entire lawn. While aerating alone has its benefits, over seeding at the same time will thicken your lawn to not only improve its appearance but will help in the control of weeds and disease. Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn.

Annual Grassy Weed Control
When the weather gets warm, annual grassy weeds, from sedges, crabgrass to the many variations will emerge. The early spring preemergent will help considerably however nutsedge and some other grasses would need special post emergent herbicides applied as needed. In this area, crabgrass begins to emerge in late April.

Mole Control will stop this speedy rodent-like mammal from destroying your established lawn. Fumigants are dangerous and traps are messy. We use a clean, safe bait that mimics the moles natural food source, the earthworm. One bait contains an active ingredient that capitalizes on the mole's high energy demands and can kill in 24 hours. Enhancers ensure immediate attraction and excellent product acceptance.

Perimeter Pest Control is a liquid insecticide applied to the outside of the house beginning at the bottom of your window sill to your foundation. This protective banner will help control the invasion of ants, spiders and other insects. If you enjoy opening your windows, you'll appreciate the control of tiny gnats and fleas that can enter through the screen.  We offer four applications per year and would be applied when we do your lawn service.

Flea and Tick is ideal for pet owners or anyone with annoying yard pests. This liquid or dry insecticide is applied to the entire lawn and will control over a hundred types of insects. This can be a one time service or as often as needed. Great for picnic preparation.

Grub Control; While we do offer Surface Insecticide for such pests as chinch bugs, bill bugs and the like, our Subsurface Insecticide for grub control manages a more common problem in this area. We offer a grub prevention for the spring treatments and a grub curative in the fall if they do in fact show up. The preventative will help control grubs for three to four months. The curative, once watered in, will kill the population quickly.        

Disease Control is as varied and complicated as the diseases themselves. The three types of fungus appear on live organisms, dead organisms, and stressed or dying organisms. We can only work with the fungus on live plants. Throughout the growing season there are different types of diseases which will need different product application according to the disease.